Delivering Diversity

Much has been written and discussed about the need for gender diversity on the Boards of our leading companies. Less has been said about how to develop a pipeline of qualified and motivated women below the Board in order to provide the next generation of female Board members.

In early November Grosvenor Clive & Stokes hosted a seminar that focused on the key issues associated with developing gender diversity throughout an organisation. The audience heard from two senior female executives, Kate Ellis and Karen Parker, who shared their experiences of having worked in, and helped build, businesses that both encouraged women to step forward whilst creating the environment that would allow them to succeed. Some of their thoughts are outlined below.

Speaker Profiles

Karen Parker

  • Vice Chair of the UN Women’s’ National Committee
  • Previously Global HR Director at Christies
  • Many years’ experience in senior HR positions in the Financial Services, Luxury Brands and Pharmaceutical sectors

Kate Ellis

  • Recently joined the Ministry of Justice as Director, Rehabilitation Services, Contract & Commercial Management
  • Previously VP Commercial and BP Shipping
  • Experienced NED and advisor to the several Not-for-Profit businesses.

Key lessons

  1. There is no single silver bullet. Creating a diverse organisation requires a combination of approaches.
  2. Full and active endorsement by the Board is a prerequisite for success.
  3. Conduct an audit of the current situation. Identify the procedural and cultural obstacles to women’s progression.
  4. Line managers must own the implementation and individual progress has to be assessed against measurable KPIs.
  5. Develop effective mentoring of women by men and vice versa.
  6. Devise effective flexible and part-time working arrangements for men and women.
  7. Recognise and actively address women’s reticence to put themselves forward.
  8. Persevere!

For more information

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