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High technology, coating solutions



Our client was the UK subsidiary of a major high-tech industrial group, providing innovative, leading-edge technology products and solutions and in five major industrial segments. In the UK they offered a range of technically advanced, coating products which significantly reduce wear, improve performance and increase longevity for expensive engineering components. They are applied by complex production systems and supported by a variety of pre and post-production processes.

Client’s Need

The company was service led and supported its customers in a variety of ways – from its own production centres and either ‘turnkey’ or managed service solutions on its customers’ sites. It offered an end to end service which not only included the application of complex formulations but also extended from collection to batch loading and despatch whilst maintaining individual traceability in order to satisfy the quality critical ‘Just in Time’ demands of some of the worlds most advanced and prestigious industrial organisations.

The requirement was to identify a new MD to replace the founder of the business who was retiring. The challenge was to identify an individual who combined a firm understanding of the use of materials in engineering and manufacturing environments with a strong sales focus to develop new markets and deliver revenue, margin and growth objectives and the management skills to maintain the high levels of employee commitment and loyalty through a period of change.

Grosvenor Clive & Stokes service

Grosvenor Clive & Stokes conducted a search that looked at both the small number of direct competitors but also, importantly, other industrial segments where this combination of skills and experience could be found. Our extensive network of contacts developed over many years of working with industrial clients was also able to supplement the pipeline created by the rigorous research activity.


This appointment was made in the timelines outlined in our proposal which enabled a period of handover and a smooth transition for the business. Our client was delighted with the individual introduced and their subsequent integration and progress within the business. However, in an unfortunate post script, a family bereavement meant that they were forced to resign. Grosvenor Clive & Stokes re-performed the challenging search successfully for a second time to the delight and gratitude of our client.

Why Grosvenor Clive & Stokes

  • The commitment of a boutique business to regular communication and a transparent process, successful project outcomes and ongoing client relationships.
  • Over thirty years experience of recruiting senior executives in the global industrial sector equipped GC&S with the ability to quickly understand the complex business models, the technical requirements and also the management skills necessary for candidates to successfully steer the organisation through growth and change.
  • An extensive contact base to support the research activity in identifying and validating potentially relevant individuals in the specialist segments researched.
  • A long track record of identifying, assessing and recruiting successfully at Board level across Commercial, Technical and Support functions as well as Managing Director/CEO and Non-Executive Director positions.
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