Two Leadership Team appointments

New global power venture

Power & Utilities


Our client was a FTSE 50 business responding to technology advances that were changing the paradigm of its business model in the Energy sector. The response was to establish a new, separate global business unit with a different culture and skill set to its traditional core business.

Client’s Need

The requirement was for two additions to the leadership team, a Chief Marketing Officer and a Chief Technology Officer. They needed to have the personal attributes to leverage the resources and capabilities within the traditional business combined with the personal calibre and bandwidth to be able to shape and drive very aggressive growth on an international stage.

It was felt, correctly, that the experience of developing and executing quickly large-scale, technology-enabled propositions did not exist within our client’s existing industry sector.

Grosvenor Clive & Stokes Service

GC&S conducted two global searches in parallel. GC&S’s focus on the Energy sector provided the depth of understanding of the needs and challenges whilst our experience in the Technology and Telecoms arenas enabled us to identify the sophisticated marketing and technology skills required.

Supplementing a structured research approach with thorough networking with our contacts in the Technology and Telecoms sectors GC&S was able to present a number of high quality candidates for each role.

The Outcome

Both searches were successfully completed within the project timetable – one candidate joined from the telecoms sector whilst the other was found also outside the sector, in the US. Both have integrated well into the Leadership Team of a successful, fast-growing business. The exercises also provided our client with insight into the nature of the challenges they were facing from the experiences in other sectors that had already undergone such change.

Why Grosvenor Clive & Stokes?

  • GC&S has been recruiting senior executives in the Energy, Technology and Telecoms sectors for over twenty five years and has a strong understanding of the challenges faced by businesses in all these arenas. This allowed us to quickly understand our client’s brief and execute it efficiently and effectively through our knowledge of businesses in sectors which had had to deal with similar challenges..
  • We have extensive experience of working with clients undergoing periods of high growth, transformation or restructuring and are adept at ‘selling the story’ or dealing with the concerns of candidates thereby ensuring the strongest shortlist from which our client can choose.
  • Our sector and market knowledge combined with our transparent approach to our project work meant that our client acknowledged that they had received, as a by-product of the search projects, insights from other sectors into their challenges that had material value.
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