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Major African power utility

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A long-term investor in this leading African utility was asked to recruit a new Non-Executive Director to join the Audit Committee.

Client’s Need

Our client was eager to recruit an experienced international energy professional with a background in financing, investment planning and fundraising to support the Audit Chair and CFO as the business went through a period of capital investment.

Grosvenor Clive & Stokes Service

The key to this search was to find individuals who had worked in an international energy environment and who brought the rigour, best practice and global perspective from this experience. They also needed to understand that challenges of working in an emerging market and have some specific ‘technical’ skills in investment appraisal and financing. Finally, as with any such appointment, the personal chemistry needed to work between the Chairman, members of the Board and Executive.

Using our network of executive and non-executive relationships across the energy and infrastructure financing communities we quickly identified a long list of interested potential candidates. After their initial screening by the Board’s nominated representative, we managed an extensive visit to the client in Africa for the preferred candidates.

The Outcome

The Chairman and other Board members were impressed with the individuals they met and following a subsequent visit to Africa, a chair of the Audit Committee was appointed.

Why Grosvenor Clive & Stokes?

  • GC&S has an existing long-term relationship with this client and its original private equity owners built over a number of years and several successful previous searches.
  • We have an extensive understanding of the challenges of the Africa energy and infrastructure sectors and recognise those potential candidates who operate well in these challenging environments.
  • Our network of executive and non-executive relationships in the international energy and infrastructure financing community enable to deliver results quickly and accurately.
  • GC&S has a track record of recruiting successful Non-Executive Directors who bring a wealth of valuable skills and experience to the Boards of our clients.
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