New Market Development

Management Consulting


Recognising the slowly declining market for pensions consulting and identifying a market opportunity to help established actuarial consulting firms evolve their businesses, Grosvenor Clive & Stokes worked with a leading actuarial and pensions advisory firm as it developed its non-pensions related consulting business.

Client’s Need

To better understand the opportunities for non-pensions related consulting work in order to support the development of a new management consulting business.

Grosvenor Clive & Stokes’ Service

Grosvenor Clive & Stokes led the client activity to consider the following:

  • Potential non-pensions consulting propositions that leveraged the client’s core skills and capabilities in areas such as risk and financial management, analytics, business modelling, decision support etc.
  • Analysis of the charge-out rates of potential competitors.
  • Go to market models, opportunities for cross-selling, and the potential cultural challenges of selling new services to new and existing clients.
  • The potential cultural, organisational and people challenges involved in developing a new consulting practice.
  • The technology and infrastructural issues associated with a client based, rather than office-based, consulting capability.
  • The market opportunity for non-pensions related consulting.
  • The competitive landscape, segmenting the management consulting sector and identifying the client’s position within the market.

Why Grosvenor Clive & Stokes?

  • A structured approach to research, market analysis and competitor intelligence.
  • An unparalleled wealth of market knowledge gained during eleven years of working with business and technology consulting firms and professional services organisations.
  • A consultative approach, a track record of working with firms to develop capability, new services or revenue streams.
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