Diversity market mapping for potential Non-Executive Directors

Power & Utilities


The Chairman of a FTSE listed business was keen not just to ensure its compliance with Board diversity requirements in the short term but to establish both an internal and external ‘talent pool’ for the future. This was a strategic initiative, initially focussed on female representation, that would enable it to reap the benefits of increased Board diversity well in excess of any regulatory requirements.

Client’s Need

Their requirement was to understand both the current landscape of relevant female NEDs, both domestically and across the world, and also to start to establish insight into the generation of female leaders currently below Board level.

Grosvenor Clive & Stokes Service

This was a research-led exercise, combining original desk research with our extensive network of existing contacts to identify and then engage with relevant individuals about their aspirations, current commitments and timescales and their potential interest in our client.

The Outcome

The ‘talent pool’ was successfully established. In addition, one page profiles for twenty of the most appropriate and interested individuals were presented to the Chairman.

Why Grosvenor Clive & Stokes?

  • GC&S has a strong interest in promoting diversity at Board level and has hosted events to discuss and promote this issue.
  • GC&S has a long history of recruiting NED positions for a variety of listed and private businesses at various stages of corporate development.
  • The depth of experience of our consultants and researchers, who have often had successful corporate careers before becoming Executive Search professionals equips them well to appreciate the nuances of NED appointments and the value that can be brought to bear to a business from other, less obvious sectors.
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