Board level change agent for HSE

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Our client was a mid sized, global E&P business. Whilst they had an effective compliance regime that met all the regulatory requirements for their global operations they wished to move from a situation of effective compliance to one where HSE was firmly embedded at the centre of the operating culture and behaviours in their business units.

Client’s Need

Their requirement was a Board appointment for a charismatic leader with a demonstrable track record of driving effective and lasting change. They needed to be passionate about HSE but ideally also have an operational background and experience in both large and small corporate environments. This would further enhance their credibility and ability to ‘win hearts and minds’ across all levels of the business.

Grosvenor Clive & Stokes Service

As with many of our market sectors, E&P has a global market for senior management talent. GC&S conducted a global search, supplementing a structured ‘top-down’ research approach with thorough networking amongst our broad base of senior contacts in the sector across the world.

The Outcome

The search was completed successfully the project timetable. The appointee was a seasoned operational manager who had a career-long passion for HSE and who was actively involved in global industry fora in this area. His grounded operational perspective and passion for HSE has proved a winning combination in realising the behavioural change envisioned.

Why Grosvenor Clive & Stokes?

  • GC&S had a deep, trusted relationship with our client and was able to appreciate the cultural context in which the appointee would have to operate.
  • GC&S has over thirty years experience of recruiting senior executives in the global E&P sector and a commensurately broad network of contacts to supplement the research activity in identifying and validating those with the necessary personal attributes and influencing skills for this role.
  • Extensive experience of working with clients dealing with significant change programmes and understand the approaches and personal qualities necessary for a leader to be a successful agent of change.
  • GC&S has a proven track record of appointing successful Board level leaders across Commercial, Technical and Support functions as well as CEO and non-Executive Director positions.
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